First Class Long Sleeve Tactical Security Polo Shirts


Size: X-Small


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First Class Long Sleeve Tactical Security Polo Shirts

Elevate your security attire to the next level with our First Class Long Sleeve Tactical Security Polo Shirt. Crafted with precision to meet the demanding needs of security professionals, this polo shirt seamlessly combines comfort, durability, and functionality.

Key Features

  • 40% Polyester | 60% Cotton

    Crafted from a blend of 40% Polyester and 60% Cotton, this polo shirt strikes the ideal balance between durability and breathability. Experience the comfort of cotton combined with the resilience of polyester, providing the best of both worlds.
  • Reinforced Stitching Along Seams

    Every detail of this polo shirt is engineered for longevity. Reinforced stitching along the seams ensures that this garment remains sharp and sturdy, withstanding the rigors of active duty.
  • Vented Sides for Secure Tucking

    Vented sides not only enhance breathability but also facilitate secure tucking, ensuring your uniform maintains its professional appearance even during the most demanding tasks.
  • Cool & Comfortable

    Crafted with care, this polo shirt is engineered for comfort. The fabric used ensures breathability and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool even during the most demanding situations. Whether you're patrolling in the heat or managing crowds, you can rely on this shirt to keep you comfortable and focused.
  • Mic Holder

    Equipped with a mic holder, this polo shirt ensures your communication equipment is always within reach. Whether you're coordinating with your team or responding to critical situations, stay connected with ease and efficiency.

  • Two Pen Pockets

    Designed with two dedicated pen pockets, this shirt keeps your essential writing instruments right at your fingertips. Whether you need to jot down notes, complete paperwork, or make quick annotations, you're always prepared for any task.

  • Elastic Sleeve Cuffs

    Elastic sleeve cuffs not only keep your sleeves in place but also provide an extra layer of protection from the wind and cold. Stay comfortable and secure, no matter the weather or the situation.

  • 3-Buttoned Shirt

    Experience the perfect blend of style and adaptability with the three-buttoned front design. This feature adds a touch of sophistication while allowing for quick adjustments to your comfort and appearance, ensuring you're always ready to meet the demands of your role.

  • Security Silk Screened

    With "Security" silk-screened boldly on the back and front, your role and authority are communicated with clarity and confidence. Make a lasting impression with every encounter.